Our driven Adolescent Health team plans and implements data-driven public health education campaings that help promote the mental and physical health of adolescents. We plan projects that educate adolescents and the adults in their lives about how to incorporate exercise into a busy middle/high school schedule, eat right, and maintain a regular sleep schedule. We also tackle topics like stress management, balancing achievement in school with mental health, and substance abuse prevention.  

Current Project: Substance Abuse Prevention

What's Inside

1. Alcohol Use and Abuse in Adolescents
2. Tobacco Use and Abuse in Adolescents
3. Adolescent Marijuana Use - A Threat to Brain Health
4.  Prevention of substance abuse starts in the home
5. Guidance for parents on teaching kids how to say no
6. FAQ, and Substance use warning signs for parents/other individuals

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Meet the Section Chair

I am a graduate of Northeastern University, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology, along with minors in Global Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies. Early on, as one of the founding members, I was was filled with enthusiasm to contribute to the establishment, growth, and expansion of this organization. Currently, I am working as a clinical research coordinator at the Massachusetts General Hospital, which I find both fulfilling and rewarding. I am also passionate about Global Health and I dedicate time outside of work to contribute to this field. In my free time I can be found spending quality time with my furry friends, which include two Shetland Sheepdogs, and two Maine Coons cats.

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