Our driven Immunology team plans and implements data-driven public health education campaings that help people identify and manage the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases. We also aim to adress the vaccine hesitancy epidemic by sharing information about the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines, outlining the vaccine manufacture and approval process and debunking commonly-held misconceptions about vaccines.

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Liam O'Malley is a third year student at Northeastern University, majoring in Biochemistry with minors in Mathematics and Spanish Language. He aims to pursue a MD or MD PhD, depending on where his research takes him. He is currently a Research Associate at Glyde Bio, a immuno-oncology company which specializes in the aberrant glycans present on cancer cells. He loves to volunteer at Mass General Hospital as a Patient Escort. In his free time he solves and writes crossword puzzles and takes care of his many plants.

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