Education Saves Lives

We are a national network of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students working to advance health equity through public health education. 


About us

Community HealthEd is a student-led nonprofit organization that develops and implements cost-effective, multimedia public health education campaigns across the United States. We aim to address specific HealthyPeople 2030 (HP2030) objectives by preparing, translating, and distributing evidence-based educational materials that contain information about location-specific health resources.

In doing so, we tackle socioeconomic, geographic, ethnic, and language-related barriers to health. Ultimately, our goal is to make important medical information accessible to all individuals and advocate for the central role that robust, community-focused education should play in America’s public health infrastructure.



We develop evidence-based educational materials aiming to address Healthy People 2030 objectives in Maternal Health, Dental Health, Immunology, Cancer Prevention, Adolescent Health, and Neurological/Psychiatric Health. Our Education team uses a data-driven approach to 1) identify public health challanges that represent viable targets for public health education, 2) perform population-level needs assessments and 3) develop multimedia educational materials.



Our team of Community Outreach Coordinators  leverages new and existing partnerships to disseminate digital and physical copies of our materials throughout the United States. Guided by population-level data and feedback from community partners, we perform community-level needs assessments and implement grassroots public health education campaigns in communities around the country.



Since our founding in 2019, our team has successfully completed 10 projects, translated our educational materials into four languages, sent digital newsletters to over 550 organizations nationwide, distributed over 500 physical copies of newsletters and hosted six community-based engagement events. Additionally, our Public Affairs team has built a social media platform that has reached 6,356 people, leading to 1,033 individual interactions with our content.

Accessible to Everyone

We aim to develop educational materials that are accessible to everyone . Our dedicated health literacy team translates our resources into Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese and works with our community outreach team to perform community-specific distribution.

Our Network

We have built a network of motivated student volunteers from 20+ universities across the country. Our leadership team  aims to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals, researchers, and engaged citizens about the importance of quality, community-based health education. Our outreach team has also established a network of partner organizations who help us distribute our materials and host community-based education events

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has grown Community HealthEd from an idea into a health literacy movement, and we're always looking for new team members! Click below to meet our leadership team and learn more about Community HealthEd's mission and vision.

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