Promoting Healthy Living: A Guide for Teens  

What's Inside

1. The Importance of Physical Activity
2. Exercise for Weight Loss
3. Diet Strategies for Weight Management
4. Link Between Obesity and Sleep
5. The Link Between Stress + Obesity and the Importance of Stress Management

About the Project

The aim of this project is to promote healthy lifestyle choices among adolescents aged 12-18. We cover the essential components involved in maintaining a healthy weight, including diet, exercise, stress, and sleep. We also highlight the importance of adequate sleep and effective stress management techniques, both of which are fundamental to overall wellness and maintaining a healthy weight.

Our Impact

With the help of our dedicated community partners, we distributed 50 physical copies of our Adolescent Health newsletter to communities throughout New York City.

Our Community Distribution Partners:
Beyond Care Enrichment and Engagement Program - New York, NY
Niaz Medical Services - Queens, NY

Social Media Campaigns