Asthma Emergency Prevention

What's Inside

1. The Epidemiology of Asthma
2. Dander: A Preventible Cause of Asthma
3. Understanding Asthma Risk Factors and Avoidance Strategies
4. The Hygiene Hypothesis:Does Keeping Kids Germ-Free Do More Harm Than Good?
5. Chronic Asthma and How to Manage it

About the Project

The aim of this project is to reduce the prevalence of asthma attacks—medical emergencies that can lead to hospitalization and/or death. Our newsletter defines asthma/asthma attacks, details the signs/symptoms of asthma attacks, describes environmental risk factors for pediatric asthma, and summarizes simple strategies to avoid common asthmatic triggers (cincluding pet dander and pollution).

Outreach Timeline

Biweekly Outreach Cycles: Planned for April 2024
Social Media Campaigns: Planned for April 2024